My name is Adlee Ray and I’m a 6 ft tall model with experience in genres ranging from runway (including 4 seasons at New York Fashion Week) to boudoir, body paint, lifestyle, fitness, glamour, erotic and fetish (when it has an artistic element to it).

I love being in front of the camera (both photo and video) and I’m great at following directions when there is a clear vision or working  collaboratively with all levels of photographers (beginners to advanced) to ensure they reach their full artistic potential or to just create some amazing images together!!!

As a professional model, I come prepared and ready to shoot. I will do my own hair, makeup and styling, but I’m also very HMUA friendly…I get along with everybody, including other models. So, if your vision includes multiple models, I am down.

I enjoy my job and I love to laugh and have fun which makes me a pleasure to work with. But I know how to pose, and I can manage my facial expressions in a way that will ALWAYS reflect the mood you’re trying to capture. I’m very creative and visual and if you’re open to it, I’ll volunteer some ideas to ensure you capture images that will take your portfolio
to new heights. I love to both post and credit amazing photographer’s work and with my 142k following on Instagram ( before getting disabled :( ) our images are sure to get a lot of views, likes, and follows.

Follow me on Instagram to see more of my modeling work @adleerays.antics 

Have an amazing day ▪¤▪¤ 

NEVER give up on a DREAM just because of the TIME it will take to ACCOMPLISH it. 
--- the time will pass anyway---
100% open minded
100% fun
99% exhibitionist
94% submissive
92% spankee
91% Experimentalist
90% Voyeur
The best way to get my attention is to SPOIL me, and those who spoil me are rewarded generously!
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